Children’s Health Study: New comprehensive report published

Researchers from the USC based Southern California Children’s Health Study have authored a comprehensive report published this week by the Health Effects Institute, The Effects of Policy-Driven Air Quality Improvements on Children’s Respiratory Health.

16 communities in the Children's Health Study
16 communities in the Children’s Health Study

In addition to the published report, The Health Effects Institute published a synopsis of the report, summarizing various points of significance that this study adds. In part, the HEI stated that “Gilliland and colleagues addressed a key public health issue: Do regulations enacted to decrease emissions of major outdoor air pollutants result in long-term decreases in levels of the targeted pollutants and in improvements in the health of the exposed population?”

Authors include:  Frank Gilliland, Ed Avol, Rob McConnell, Kiros Berhane, W. James Gauderman, Fred Lurmann, Robert Urman, Roger Chang, Ed Rappaport, and Steve Howland.

The report and associated documents is accessible to the public and is available in PDF format for download here.