Click on the images below to see the full length version of the infographics with links to associated reference collections such as the health impacts of exposure to near roadway air pollution, diesel exhaust, lead, arsenic, and more. For a list of reference collections click here

Living Near Busy Roads Infographic USC Environmental Health
Living Near Busy Roads or Traffic Pollution
Vivir cerca de autopistas muy transitadas
Salton Sea Pollution
Salton Sea Pollution
Contaminación de Salton Sea
Contaminación de Salton Sea
Living Near Arsenic
Vivir cerca de Arsénico
Children's Health & Urban Parks
Children’s Health & Urban Parks
Salud infantil y los parques urbanos
Living Near Diesel Exhaust
Living Near Diesel Exhaust
Vivir cerca de emanaciones de diésel
Living Near Lead
Viviendo Cerca del Plomo
Viviendo Cerca del Plomo
Cleaner Air = Less Symptoms: JAMA 2016, Children's Health Study
Cleaner Air = Less Symptoms
Aire Limpio = Menos Síntomas:  JAMA 2016, Children’s Health Study…-healthier-lungs
Cleaner Air = Healthier Lungs, NEJM 2015, Children’s Health Study
Did Policy Changes Lead to Cleaner Air? JAWMA, 2015
Tips for a Healthy Home
Consejos Para un Hogar Saludable