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December 23, 2016

Training resources to build community capacity on goods movement & health

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Resources can be found at the Moving Forward Network's online library.

The Community Engagement Team of the USC Environmental Health Centers hosted a webinar on December 21, Training resources to build community capacity on goods movement & health. Speakers Carla Truax (USC), Eric Kirkendall (Diesel Health Project), and Ms. Margaret Gordon (West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project) highlighted workshops and presentation resources that organizations can use to train new members and students. These resources are all featured in the Moving Forward Network's online resource library.  During the webinar the speakers talked about their experience developing the materials for all audiences, and noted that the “guides and 101” documents are great for beginners, use an engaging education style, and many are also available in Spanish.

Topics that came up in the discussion included those looking for further occupational health resources, warehouse worker studies, and what other related resources might be useful, such as items on refineries, hazardous materials, and schools.  Participants also commented on the importance of the Report of Recommendations of the National Environmental Justice Advisory Council (NEJAC) committee to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, a document available in the library.   There was also discussion about continuing the online meetings, and posting a calendar of events on trainings for different topics.

The Moving Forward Network library of materials features many key documents, including:

Air pollution 101, Curriculum Guide for Freight Transport Justice, Goods Movement 101, Speakers Kit on goods movement, policy briefs, reference collections and infographics on health studies, the National Environmental Justice and the national Global Trade Impact report

View the resource library:

View and listen to the recording of the webinar:

Thank you to the Moving Forward Network partners for their expertise and sharing of their resources for this webinar.

The Community Engagement Team of the USC Environmental Health Centers is a charter member of the Moving Foward Network. The MFN's mission is to "transform the global trade system by supporting the organizing, advocacy, education and research efforts of partners around the United States toward improving public health, quality of life, environmental integrity, labor conditions and environmental justice." 

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