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NEW INFOGRAPHIC: Impacts of Air Pollution on Brain Health

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The Community Engagement team at the Southern California Environmental Health Science Center (SCEHSC) has released a new infographic: Impacts of Air Pollution on Brain Health.

A growing body of research suggests that the human brain may be impacted by air pollution across the lifespan. The community engagement core collaborated with scientists and community partners to summarize this emerging evidence using infographics, to expand the dissemination and reach of this information to local communities.

“If lung and cardiovascular effects of air pollution weren't troubling enough, emerging findings suggest it may also impact our brains and how they function. Moving forward, policy makers will be tasked with factoring in how air pollution impacts different organs in the body in order to ensure we are able to protect everyone from potentially long-term health consequences of air pollution,” said Megan Herting, said Center researcher and assistant professor at Keck School of Medicine.

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We thank the following people for their contributions to this graphic:

Sherry Tan (USC)

Sandy Navarro and Angelica Romero (LAGrit Media)

Heng Lam Foong and Kyle Tsukahira (Asian and Pacific Islander Forward Movement)

Rebecca Overmyer-Velazquez (Clean Air Coalition of North Whittier and Avocado Heights)

Sylvia Betancourt (Long Beach Alliance of Children with Asthma)

Other researchers from SCEHSC examining  the impacts of air pollution on the brain from youth to elderly include:

Jiu-Chiuan Chen, MD, ScD and Rob McConnell, MD

This infographic was supported by funding from NIEHS (Grant #5P30ES004848)

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