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EH MATTERS Faculty: An-Min Wu

An-Min Wu, PhD, GISP
Assistant Professor (Teaching) of Spatial Sciences

Websites: Faculty Profile, Google Scholar, LinkedIn

Areas of research:

EH MATTERS Internship Description:

The EH MATTERS intern will gain training and mentoring on spatial thinking, hands-on spatial data handling and analytics through research, and use of GIS analysis and visualization for a deeper understanding of environmental problems in our community. Basic knowledge of GIS (e.g. SSCI 165 or 265 or 301) is preferred. 

Key publications

  1. Liu*, S., Wu, A., and Ho, H.C. (2023) Spatial variability of diurnal temperature range and its associations with local climate zone, neighborhood environment and mortality in Los Angeles. Urban Climate, 49, 101526.   
  2. Toland*, J.C., Wein, A.M., Wu, A. and Spearing, L. (2023) A conceptual framework for estimation of initial emergency food and water resource requirements in disaster. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 90, 103661. 
  3. Livings*, M. and Wu, A. (2020) Local measures of spatial association. The Geographic Information Scienceand Technology Body of Knowledge2.0.,   JohnP. Wilson (Ed.) 
  4. Wu, A. and Johnston, J. (2019) Assessing spatial characteristics of soil lead contamination in the residential neighborhoods near the Exide battery smelter. Case Studies in the Environment 
  5. Wu, A. and Kemp K. Global measures of spatial association. The Geographic Information Science and Technology Body of Knowledge 2.0. (1st Quarter 2019 Edition), John P. Wilson (Ed.).  

*Student Mentees

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