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COVID-19 Resources

Recursos de COVID-19

The following resources have been used to create our COVID-19 related infographics. Infographics are available in Spanish, resources listed below are available in Spanish as indicated.

Los siguientes recursos se han utilizado para crear nuestras infografías relacionadas con COVID-19. Las infografías están disponibles en español, los recursos están disponibles en español como se indica.

Centers for Disease Control resources/Recursos de los Centros para la Prevención de Enfermedades:

These resources were also used as sources for the infographics.
Estos recursos también se utilizaron como fuentes para la infografía.

COVID19 index page: English
Página de índice COVID19: Spanish  

Cleaning and Disinfecting English
Limpieza y desinfección Spanish

Health conditions that put people at increased risk for COVID19: English
Condiciones de salud que ponen a las personas en mayor riesgo de contraer COVID19: Spanish

What to do when a person living in your home has COVID-19:  English
Qué hacer cuando una persona que vive en su hogar tiene COVID-19: Spanish

Guidance for Large or Extended Families Living in the Same Household: English
Guia para las familias grandes o extendidas que viven en el mismo hogar Spanish.

People with moderate to severe asthma: English
Personas con asma moderada a grave: Spanish

CDC resources in over 20 languages/Recursos de los CDC en más de 20 idiomas: here/aquí

Local resources/Recursos locales:

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health: English, Translation into Spanish available after clicking on the website. Traducción al español disponible después de hacer clic en el sitio web.

Environmental Health Disparities Map of Los Angeles: MADRES Center StoryMap. This story map sheds light on environmental health disparities along racial and ethnic lines, susceptibility, built environment and COVID-19 spread in communities around Los Angeles country where participants of the USC MADRES study live.

Select resources from other universities that work with communities around environmental and public health:           

Harvard Center for Research on Environmental and Social Stressors in Housing Across the Life Course (CRESSH): COVID-19 Community Resources  & Cleaning During the Pandemic: English and Spanish

Boston University School of Public Health: Infographic on Disinfecting, English, and Spanish

U-Penn Center of Excellence in Environmental Toxicology: COVID-19 Resources

University of Rochester Environmental Health Sciences Center:  Health Homes information for COVID-19

University of Washington Department of Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences:  Safer Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting Strategies

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