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Workshop B: Redesigning Goods Movement Corridors for Green Space & Active Transportation

Thank you for attending our conference on Parks, Pollution and Obesity.

Below is a summary of Workshop B: Redesigning Goods Movement Corridors for Green Space & Active Transportation:

The workshop set out to analyze case studies of parks that exist in each environmental justice organization’s community as a way to examine the intersectionality between parks, pollution and obesity. Based off what was shared at the conference and off our own expertise, experiences and skills, through dialogue the workshop built awareness with different folks in the room (residents, planners, students, organizers) on the challenges that exist in local communities. Solutions were designed to optimize the physical activity benefits of parks and recreation facilities while reducing exposure to near-roadway air pollution and other environmental hazards.

The workshop developed recommendations to inform decision-making regarding siting of new parks and recreational facilities in Los Angeles County, in addition to redesigning those that already exist near freeways to optimize public health and recommendations for Measure A: Safe, Clean Neighborhood Parks and Beaches Protection Measure of 2016.

"The Redesigning Good Movement Corridor for Green Space & Active Transportation workshop was a great brainstorming session where community members, community members, and faculty learned about obstacles that our community is facing and came up with ways to ameliorate these issues. Estrella Park was used as a case study that demonstrates the great things we can accomplish when the community comes together to achieve a common goal. I hope that the ideas the came out of the workshop can be implemented and that these ideas can result in an improvement of the overall conditions of the area." - Toby Rodriguez, Community Organizer at Esperanza Community Housing 


Community Story:  Marta Romos  (Long Beach Alliance for Children with Asthma, Wilmington, CA resident)

Roundtable Discussion:

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Estrella Park, South LA

Banning Park, Wilmington  Hudson Park: W. Long Beach

Ricardo Lara Linear Park, Lynwood

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