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November 13, 2015

Community-based Research Symposium at USC Health Sciences Campus

USC Environmental Health

On November 11, more than 50 people attended the community-based research symposium hosted by USC Environmental Health to hear about several organizations’ projects related to air quality, traffic, and other health issues.

The goal of the event was to share information about community-based research projects, and build relationships between organizations.  Five organizations hosted tables with materials and gave presentations. Participants learned about the communities in which they work, the methods and tools that were used in their community research projects, and lessons to share with the other groups.  In addition, ideas for future projects were identified as well as ways to incorporate information into ongoing campaigns and programs.

Presenting organizations:

•    Coalition for a Safe Environment
•    East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice
•    Koreatown Youth and Community Center
•    Long Beach Alliance for Children with Asthma
•    Community Outreach, Southern CA Environmental Health Centers at USC

The event was hosted by the Trade, Health, and Environment Impact Project, and the Southern California Environmental Health Sciences Centers based at USC.  Thanks to the Kresge Foundation for its support of this event.

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