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December 4, 2015

Washington Post story puts the spotlight on port pollution

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A recent article in the Washington Post “Ports are the new power plants — at least in terms of pollution” covered the high emissions from ports around the country.

Outreach program co-director Andrea Hricko was quoted about the achievement of programs to lower emissions from port operations. “We know in L.A. kids’ lungs have gotten better as air pollution has dropped.”

Also included in the story are the perspectives of many members of the Moving Forward Network, a coalition dedicated to improving public health for communities. Professor Robert Laumbach of Rutgers’ Robert Wood Johnson School of Medicine stated “When there’s a technology available that controls it, why do we accept these risks for diesel exhaust?” In Los Angeles, goods movement facilities are “diesel magnets,” says Angelo Logan, policy lead for the Moving Forward Network. Organizer Kim Gaddy, with Clean Water Action in New Jersey, is a member of the network fighting increasing freight and truck traffic in neighborhoods. California has been a leader with programs for cleaner trucks and port operations, and testing new technology to further reduce pollution. The national strategy of the Moving Forward Network seeks to improve the air for all port and freight operations around the country.

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