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May 1, 2019

Work of SCEHSC member and UCLA researcher Beate Ritz featured in new book

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The work of longtime Southern California Environmental Health Sciences Center member and UCLA researcher Beate Ritz, will be featured in a chapter of an upcoming book, an excerpt was published recently in Environmental Health News, is found below.

Dirty air wreaks harm long before birth


The changes pollution inscribes in pregnancy haunt us not just during childhood, but throughout life

In chunky black glasses and a patterned scarf, her dark hair pulled back, Beate Ritz still looks more the sophisticated European than the casual Californian, even after decades in America.

Sunshine streams through a window into her home in the Santa Monica Mountains, above Los Angeles, as we speak on Skype, and she pours herself a cup of tea.

Ritz is an epidemiologist at UCLA, and she knows it can be nearly impossible to link one individual's health problem to a specifc environmental cause. But the work that would shape her career began with a nagging, personal worry. The smog blanketing L.A. came as a foul shock when she arrived from her native Germany.

Read the rest of the article on Environmental Health News here.
The article is an excerpt from the new book Choked: Life and Breath in the Age of Air Pollution (University of Chicago Press, $27.50).

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