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EJ YOUTH FELLOWSHIP: Scientific Research Poster Presentations

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Congratulations to our Environmental Justice Youth Fellows for their amazing research projects! Last week, fellows showcased their summer research projects at the Health Sciences campus. Not only did the fellows cover an array of topics, from air pollution to microplastics to clean energy, but all of the projects drew upon lived experiences.

Community-based participatory research equitably involves community members in the research process from beginning to end. Our fellows worked directly with members of their own communities to address their concerns, identify communication gaps, and assess their current perception of certain environmental stressors. It is important to uplift the voices of those who are disproportionately impacted by environmental hazards and provide a space where they can discuss their lived experiences. The youth fellows, through a 9-month process, built skills to directly engage community members in research projects, translate research findings, and provide insights for policy solutions. Over the course of the program, our fellows have gained insight on this research approach and have applied it to their own projects. We are incredibly proud of our inaugural youth fellows and their dedication to protecting and informing their communities.

Stop the Expansion of Warehouses

By: Cindy Santiago

Air Pollution in La Puente, California

By: Berenice De Anda

Air Pollution Comparison: East Los Angeles vs. Pasadena

By: Daisy Cano Ruiz

Mapping Air Quality Disparities: Lincoln Heights Pollution Exposure

By: Julia Bustos

Lead Soil Contamination in Los Angeles

By: Adiba Adrita

Lead Concentration in Soil Surrounding Whiteman Airport

By: Victoria Virgen

Lead Levels in Los Angeles Parks Compared to Malibu Parks

By: Natalie Rubio

Are There Microplastics in Santa Monica, California?

By: Ryan Kim

The Rise of Microplastics

By: Alexis Martin

Equitable Energy Transitions: Understanding Worker Concerns and Cultivating 'Just Transitions' in Shifting Industries

By: Lizbeth Zambrano-Sanchez

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