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May 27, 2020

NEW INFOGRAPHIC: The Impacts of Natural Gas on Public Health and the Environment

USC Environmental Health

The Community Engagement Program on Health and Environment has collaborated with longtime partners of T.H.E. Impact Project to produce this infographic that shares science on, and realities that frontline environmental justice communities experience when living, working, and playing near natural gas extraction, production, and distribution processes.

"Important conversations are happening throughout Southern California about our energy future and the climate crisis.  We hope this infographic provides communities with access to key scientific information to engage in improving the environmental health of the region," said Jill Johnston, assistant professor of preventive medicine and Director of the Community Engagement program.

Click here to find the full length graphic in English and Spanish with associated research article collection and printable PDF handouts.

This infographic brings together a lot of complex information about natural gas and makes it understandable and meaningful to many - especially to those of us whose health is most negatively impacted by air pollution.

Sylvia Betancourt, Director, Long Beach Alliance for Children with Asthma

We are thankful to have partnered with USC Environmental Health Centers to create this infographic that not only makes a complex system easier to understand, the health studies also help debunk the harmful lies and greenwashing the fossil fuel industry is peddling in our communities.

Taylor Thomas, Research and Policy Analyst, East Yards Communities for Environmental Justice

"For years, natural gas operations have brought harm to communities across the world. For us, in the Inland Empire, we have felt first hand how relying on natural gas for the just transition of the transportation sector endangers us and continues to create the same pattern of environmental injustice. We are excited to continue working in good company with our partners on this issue."

Andrea Vidaurre, Policy Analyst, Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice



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