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December 5, 2022

NEW INFOGRAPHIC: Women’s Health & Diabetes

USC Environmental Health

The Community Engagement and Dissemination Core with the USC MADRES Environmental Health Disparities Center (MADRES) have released a new infographic: Women’s Health & Diabetes.  This infographic was developed in collaboration with Dr. Shohreh Farzan, assistant professor at Keck School of Medicine and EH MATTERS fellow Sydney Powell ('24 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention).

If you have diabetes, you are twice as likely to have heart disease or a stroke compared to someone who doesn’t have diabetes according to the CDC. Women are also at higher risk of other diabetes-related complications such as blindness, kidney disease, and depression.  About 15 million women in the United States have diabetes or about 1 in every 9 adult women.

Click through to see the full infographic: English/Spanish

"Diabetes can be prevented with a healthy lifestyle, but unfortunately the rates of diabetes continue to rise in the United States. Research has shown that women are more susceptible to diabetes especially after having gestational diabetes during pregnancy. Dr. Farzan and I made this infographic with the hope to educate women on what diabetes is and how it can be prevented. This infographic contains information on the different types of diabetes, as well as a list of accessible resources that women can use to begin their journey of practicing healthy behaviors. We hope this infographic can encourage women to be more proactive in preventing diabetes." - Sydney Powell, EH MATTERS Fellow

This infographic was supported in part by:

  • NIH: P50MD015705
  • EH MATTERS NIH #: R25ES031867

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