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INFOGRAPHIC: Neighborhood Oil Drilling

This infographic was developed in partnership with Sandy Navarro of LA Grit Media and Esperanza Community Housing Corporation.
PDF English
Full infographic in Spanish and PDF Spanish

ADDITIONAL RESOURCE: interactive map "Urban Oil and Gas Production in Los Angeles County". Find out where oil and gas wells are and how close they are to where you live, play, and work.

Resources recommended in this infographic include:

Drilling Down: The community consequences of expanded oil development in Los Angeles. Libery Hill Foundation. 2015.

STAND-LA  is an environmental justice coalition of community groups that seeks to end neighborhood drilling to protect the health and safety of Angelenos on the front lines of urban oil extraction.

Fracktracker appa free tool for reporters, residents, researchers, and groups concerned about many aspects of the oil and gas industry and its effects.

For more in depth information about the research behind the information presented here, see our curated collection of research studies here.

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