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July 15, 2021

NEW INFOGRAPHICS: Breast Health and the Environment, and Oil & Gas Extraction & Women’s Health

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Drs. Jill Johnston and Eunjung Lee and their research team members including Research Coordinator Amanda Jimenez and promotoras (community health workers) Sandra Serrano and Leticia Ortiz from Esperanza Community Housing have worked with longtime community based partner Sandy Navarro of L.A. Grit Media to produce a set of infographics that share science and resources on Breast Health and the Environment, and Oil & Gas Extraction & Women’s Health. This content came about as a way to provide accessible resources for community members in South Los Angeles, who are exposed to oil and gas activities.

The Spanish and English infographics were developed as educational tools to help women be proactive about their breast health and overall health. The research team’s idea behind these graphics was that by calling attention to breast and general health awareness, topics sometimes not typically discussed openly in the community, women can be encouraged to seek timely and preventive health care.

"Health literacy tools such as infographics, designed through a collaborative process between researchers and community members, ensure complex information becomes accessible to communities most impacted."

- Sandy Navarro, L.A. Grit Media

"Es una buena herramienta que utilizan las promotoras para poder mostrar los efectos del ambiente a la salud de la mujer y crear conocimiento y conciencia." It is a good tool used by promotoras to show the effects of the environment on women's health and to advacne knowledge and awareness.

Sandra Serrano, Promotora

The research team is now conducting the Breast health and the Environment among Latinas in Los Angeles (BELLA study) in partnership with Esperanza Community Housing to study how air pollution impacts breast health of Latinas living in South Los Angeles. More information about the study may be found here.

Click here to find the full length graphics in English and Spanish with associated resources, research article collections, and printable PDF handouts.

This infographic was supported by the California Breast Cancer Research Program (Grant #588155)

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